All Lost and Found items are maintained in the Office of Student Life. If you find an item, or one is turned in to you, please bring it to Student Life as soon as possible.

Our office is in JMB 135. Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Please call 206-934-6755. Closed weekends.
For emergencies after-hours only, please call 206-934-0911.

Claim items at JMB with photo ID.

Summer Quarter 2014:

The last day of the quarter is August 22, 2014

Date turned in Description of Item
Items with claim dates - to be shredded
Cell Phones, Earbuds, Eyewear/Cases, Headphone, Keys, and Tech Items.
7/9/2014 Calculator, 1
7/7/2014 Earpods, 1
7/17/2014 Sunglasses, 1
7/21/2014 USB, silver, 4G, unlabelled, belongs to Ahmed I
7/21/2014 USB, blue/green, 8G, Toshiba, belongs to Chengxiao (Shawn) Z
Cards, Checkbooks, Driver License, ID, Jewelry, Purses, Wallets, and other Valuables
7/7/2014 Bag of keys, keyring, and charms, describe characters,quantity, state, and team 
7/9/2014 Debit card, belongs to Anna H
7/7/2014 Keys, 3, with wrist strap and small carabiner, describe colors
7/21/2014 Key, 1, Flexcar
7/17/2014 Ring, 1
7/9/2014 SSC ID, will pick it up, belongs to Jacob A
7/7/2014 SSC ID, notified student, belongs to Minh N
Backpacks, Binders, Books, Briefcases, CD's, Folders, Notebooks, Planners
7/3/2014 Comp book, student was notified, belongs to Keanu L-S
7/7/2014 Folder, black, Chemistry, Reading, and Math information
Miscellaneous Items
7/21/2014 Lead, for a mechanical pencil
7/9/2014 Water bottle, 1
Please Inquire at JMB 135 for Accessories, Clothing, & Footwear


Jerry Brockey Center
(JMB 135)


Monday - Friday:
8 am to 4:30 pm