All Lost and Found items are maintained in the Office of Student Life. If you find an item, or one is turned in to you, please bring it to Student Life as soon as possible.

Our office is in JMB 135. Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Please call 206-934-6755. Closed weekends.
For emergencies after-hours only, please call 206-934-0911.

Claim items at JMB with photo ID.

Lost and Found Database for Winter Quarter April 27, 2015

Please bring Lost and Found items to JMB 135 Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
To claim your item(s), please bring your current photo ID.

Please call 206-934-6755. Closed weekends and holidays.
For emergencies after-hours only, please call 206-934-0911.
The last possible day to pick up your item(s) will be 3/25/2015
All unclaimed items will be disposed of on June 5, 2015 at 4:30 p.m.
Date Received Description of Item
Items with Claim Dates - to be shredded
4/27/2015 Spanish 122 test, belongs to Anthony, to be shredded on 5/4/2015
4/23/2015 Human Nutrition 150, Unit One Study Guide, to be shredded on 4/30/2015
Cables, Calculators, Cell phones, Earpods, Eyewear, Headphones, Technical items, USB
4/23/2015 Cable, 1, black
4/9/2015 Calculator, 1, describe brand & model
4/23/2015 Cell phone, 1, describe brand, case, colors, & model
Spring Quarter Earpods, 2
Spring Quarter Glasses, 2, describe color
4/9/2015 USB, 1, black, 16G, PNY, belongs to Hafza M 
4/9/2015 USB, 1, black, 1G, San Disk Cruzer, belongs to Sofia M 
4/27/2015 USB, 1, blue/silver, 2G, Kingston, belongs to Vo S
Cards, Checkbooks, Driver License/ID, Jewelry, Keys, Purses, Wallets, and other valuables
Spring Quarter Bracelets, 2, describe materials
4/6/2015 Card, 1, debit, belongs to Ayan M
4/9/2015 Card, 1, debit, belongs to Link S
4/16/2015 Card, 1, debit, belongs to Shukri K
4/23/2015 Earring, 1, describe materials
4/23/2015 Key, 1, with dark blue plastic key fob
4/23/2015 Keyring with Gold Gym's & Soul Fitness Club
4/27/2015 Keys, 3, describe lanyard
4/20/2015 Ring, 1
4/27/2015 WA Driver License, belongs to Omar Y
4/27/2015 WA Intermediate License, belongs to Mahir K
Backpacks, binders, books, comp books, CDs, folders, notebooks, portfolios
Spring Quarter Books, 3, describe title
4/20/2015 Activation for Advantage Series, American Government and Politics Today, 1
4/6/2015 Notebook, 1, small, descript color & text
4/13/2015 Notebook, 1, describe color & subject
4/27/2015 Notebook, 1, describe color & subjects, belongs to Dakota K
Miscellaneous Items
Spring Quarter Bags, 2, describe contents
Spring Quarter Coffee cups, 2, insulated
4/6/2015 Compact, 1
4/13/2015 Prescription, 1, belongs to Paitin M
4/9/2015 Thimble, 1
Spring Quarter Umbrellas, 2, describe colors
Spring Quarter Waterbottles, 2
Please inquire for accessories, clothing, & footwear


Jerry Brockey Center
(JMB 135)


Monday - Friday:
8 am to 4:30 pm