All Lost and Found items are maintained in the Office of Student Life. If you find an item, or one is turned in to you, please bring it to Student Life as soon as possible.

Our office is in JMB 135. Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Please call 206-934-6755. Closed weekends.
For emergencies after-hours only, please call 206-934-0911.

Claim items at JMB with photo ID.

Lost and Found Database for November 20, 2014

Please bring Lost and Found items to JMB 135 Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
To claim your item(s), please bring your current photo ID.

Please call 206-934-6755. Closed weekends and holidays.
For emergencies after-hours only, please call 206-934-0911.
The last possible day to pick up your item(s) will be December 10, 2014.
All unclaimed items will be disposed of at the end of Fall Quarter.
Date Received Description of Item
Cables, calculators, cell phones, earpods, eyewear, headphones, technical items, USB
Fall Quarter Adapters, 2, describe brand & color
Fall Quarter Cables, 4, describe color and brand
Fall Quarter Calculators, 4, describe make and model
10/30/2014 Cash, describe amount, date, location, and time
11/6/2014 Cell phone, 1, describe brand & carrier
10/30/2014 Cell phone, 1, broken screen
10/20/2014 Cell phone, 1, describe brand, carrier, and picture
Fall Quarter Charger, 4, describe brand and colors
Fall Quarter Earbuds, 7
10/6/2014 Earbuds, in pouch, describe brand
Fall Quarter Headphones, 2, describe brand and color
10/23/2014 Plug, white, 2
10/2/2014 Stylus, black/silver, describe dimensions
11/20/2014 USB, white/lavender, 8G, PNY, belongs to Quynh T
11/20/2014 USB, white/blue, 8G, San Disk, belongs to Jhosep J
11/13/2014 USB, white, 16G, Sony, belongs to Jiawei X, with wrist strap and pouch
10/20/2014 USB,  cream, 4G, Apacer, belongs to Phong L
10/9/2014 USB, No Name, describe brand, capacity, color
10/2/2014 USB, black, Logitech, unable to open the device
9/25/2014 USB, black, 26 MB, DT101 G2, System Reserved
11/6/2014 USB, black/red, 4G, San Disk Cruzer Blade, belongs to Ruben B
11/6/2014 USB, black/red, 8G, San Disk Cruzer Glide, belongs to Luis L
11/6/2014 USB, black/silver, 1G, Kois Center, belongs to Lucky A
11/6/2014 Wallet, belongs to Roberto A
10/30/2014 Wallet, belongs to Taylor B
Cards, checkbooks, driver license, ID, eye wear, jewelry, purses, wallets, and other valuables
11/6/2014q Card, credit, belongs to Shawn L
10/16/2014 Card, credit, belongs to Alyssa J
10/30/2014 Card, debit, belongs to Bryan H with photo
10/30/2014 Card, debit, belongs to Dang P
10/20/2014 Card, debit, belongs to Farhia M
10/20/2014 Card, debit, belongs to Andrew B
10/16/2014 Card, debit, belongs to Araceli V
10/16/2014 Card, debit, belongs to Stacey S
10/16/2014 Card, debit, belongs to Kyle H
10/2/2014 Card, debit, belongs to Paul H
10/2/2014 Card, debit, belongs to Jose M A
9/25/2014 Card, Tulalip, belongs to Hong G
10/2/2014 Card, WA DSHS, belongs Rick L
10/6/2014 Case, for glasses, describe brand and color
Fall Quarter Earring, single, 3                                                                                                                      
9/25/2014 Earrings, no backs, describe materials
11/6/2014 Glasses with case, describe brand and color
Fall Quarter Glasses, 4
11/20/2014 Keys, 2
10/27/2014 Keys, 4
10/9/2014 Key, 1, w/green lanyard, describe text
10/2/2014 Key, 1
11/6/2014 Ring, 1
11/14/2014 Rosary, 1, describe colors and materials
11/17/2014 Sunglasses, 1
11/20/2014 WA ID, belongs to Mohamed Y
Backpacks, binders, books, briefcases, comp books, CDs, folders, notebooks, portfolios
Fall Quarter Books, 2
10/16/2014 Folder, grey, belongs to Kevin H, emailed instructor
10/6/2014 Folder, clear, belongs to Kumiko A
9/25/2014 Gussetted binder pocket, plastic, purple, belongs to Sherriann R
10/9/2014 Manual only, TI calculator, describe model
11/20/2014 Notebook, orange, belongs to Alex C, emailed instructor
11/17/2014 Notebook, red, describe brand and dimentions
11/17/2014 Notebook, black, describe brand & dimensions
10/23/2014 Notebook, purple, Biology, No Name
10/16/2014 Notebook, blue, Chemistry 161, No Name
10/2/2014 Folder, black, belongs to Meron, emailed instructor
Miscellaneous items
10/6/2014 Bowl, describe color and capacity
11/13/2014 Cigarette rolling machine, describe brand and colors
Fall Quarter Coffee cup, 6
11/20/2014 Contact case, 1, describe brand and colors
11/20/2014 Crackers, describe brand, emailed student
11/17/2014 Pencil pouch, 1, belongs to Hannah A
Fall Quarter Umbrellas, compact, 9, describe color/pattern/trim
Fall Quarter Umbrellas, full-size, 3, describe color(s)
10/2/2014 Umbrella sleeve only, black, 1
Fall Quarter Waterbottle, 8
Please inquire for ccessories, clothing, & footwear


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