The Seattle Colleges District is experiencing a temporary disruption in e-mail and voicemail services as of August 29. We are working to resolve these issues and thank you for your patience.

All Lost and Found items are maintained in the Office of Student Life. If you find an item, or one is turned in to you, please bring it to Student Life as soon as possible.

Lost and Found Database for August 19th, 2016

Please bring Lost and Found items to JMB 135 Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. To claim your item(s), please bring your current photo ID.

Please call 206-934-5332. Closed weekends and holidays. For emergencies after-hours only, please call 206-934-0911.

Please claim your items by August 19th, 2016 by 4:00 p.m.

Unclaimed items will be donated at the end of Summer quarter
Date Received Description of Item
Items with Claim Dates
Cables, Calculators, Cell phones, Earpods, Eyewear, Headphones, Technical items, USB
8/18/2016 2 pin LED Light emitting diodes, 6, describe brand & colors
8/15/2016 Battery charger & batteries, describe brands & quantity 
8/15/2016 Cable, 1, describe color & function
8/15/2016 Case only for glasses, 1, describe colors & pattern
8/18/2016 Cell phone, 1, describe brand & color, no compatible charger available
7/19/2016 Earbuds, 1, describe brand & color
8/16/2016 Earbuds, wireless, 1, describe brand & colors
8/15/2016 Glasses with case, 1, describe color & pattern of case
7/19/2016 Glasses, 1, describe brand & colors
7/26/2016 Laptop, 1, describe brand & color, you must bring exact power supply & photo ID to claim 
Summer quarter Power supplies, 2, describe brand & color
8/15/2016 Sunglasses, 1, describe color & style
8/15/2016 USB, 1, describe brand, capacity, colors, & content
7/26/2016 USB, 1, black/grey, 64G, EMTEC, belongs to either Jiawei X or Yuanjun Z
6/21/2016 USB, 1, white/purple, 8G, generic, belongs to Rosina O
6/21/2016 USB, 1, white/blue, 16G, Kingstong DataTraveler G4, belongs to Francisco N
Cards, Checkbooks, Driver License/ID, Jewelry, Keys, Purses, Wallets, and other valuables
8/15/2016 Card, 1, debit, belongs to Mohamed B
8/2/2016 Earring, 1, french wire, describe colors, materials, and shape
7/21/2016 Earring, 1, no post, describe color & materials
8/18/2016 Insurance cards, 2, belongs to Suman P 
8/3/2016 Key, 1, describe color & shape
7/12/2016 Key, 1, on lanyard, describe colors & school
7/5/2016 Key, 1, on faded carabiner
6/28/2016 WA Driver License, belongs to David K
Backpacks, binders, books, comp books, CDs, folders, notebooks, portfolios
Summer quarter Books, 2
7/21/2016 Composition book, 1, belongs to Evan S
8/15/2016 Test, COMPASS, 1, belongs to Asosa S
Miscellaneous Items
7/12/2016 Bottle, Smart Shake with powdered mix, 1
Summer quarter Blender bottles, 2
Summer quarter Coffee cups, 3
7/7/2016 Die, 1
8/16/2016 Lunch bag, 1, canvas, describe color & contents
8/2/2016 Pencil case, 1, describe colors, content, & theme
Summer quarter Waterbottles, 4
7/21/2016 Yardstick, 1
Please inquire about accessories, clothing, and footwear. We may have your item(s)!


Jerry Brockey Center
(JMB 135)


Monday - Friday:
8 am to 4:30 pm