ALL CLEAR: Nearby police activity has concluded. Campus has reopened.

Classroom/Open Lab log-in procedure

Login / Password:

Campus wireless access

  • Before logging in the Campus Wireless Network, you must log into a lab computer somewhere on the Campus FIRST.
  • Security Set Identifier (SSID): SouthWirelessNetwork
  • Your wireless capable devices/laptops should be automatically connected
  • To access the Internet:
    • Open a browser, i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Chrome
    • At the prompt, login with your student account
Wireless Login

Printing costs on campus

Students will need to buy printing cards that will allow them to add print credits to their PaperCut accounts. Students can redeem the cards after they login to the PaperCut printing system with their student accounts at

Software for home use

South Seattle College has partnered with e-Academy to allow students, staff, and faculty to order software for home use at academically discounted prices. The academic software discounts offered on this web store are not for the general public. The discounts are for a member of an academic institution only.

To qualify for ordering academically discounted software, students will be requested to provide proof of their academic affiliation with SSC. To provide proof of their SSC academic affiliation during the registration process, students will need an email with domain to register. Link to SSC e-Academy Web Store is: Please note that ITS does not support e-mail issues, and should not be contacted regarding this.