Greetings and welcome to fall quarter 2014

We would like to share some IT updates with you. This summer we accomplished many projects; here are some of the accomplishments:

•             Upgraded network infrastructure (wiring) in registration and cafeteria areas
•             Completed the last wave of employee computer desktop replacements
•             Expanded Citrix virtual desktops to more computer classrooms
•             Replaced all 67 teacher podium workstations
•             Completed Microsoft Office 2013 upgrades
•             Replaced lab computers in TEC 127 and New Holly
•             Installed 4 new high-performing printers in TEC118, AMT201, OLY203, OLY205
•             Installed a new multifunction device printer (with built-in stapler, hole-punch unit) in the library open lab

A brief update about enterprise Wi-Fi on campus…we are waiting for hardware to start arriving on campus any time now and will be installing enterprise Wi-Fi access points as soon as they arrive, to improve service and reliability.

We would also like to encourage clean and healthy lab environments. During the summer break our team cleaned and sanitized dirty, greasy, sticky keyboards, mice, monitors, and desks, in classrooms and labs on campus. We do the best of our ability to provide and keep clean, healthy environments in the classrooms/labs and to protect our students and everyone from germs. We would like to encourage you to do the same thing. Please read the computer labs/classroom rules and policies at; signs are also in classrooms and labs.

As always, for the first two weeks of the quarter, a temporary generic account: Student/Student is enabled to accommodate students, who need extra time to resolve registration and funding issues, so that they can use computers in classrooms or labs, except the Library Open Lab.  There is no printing associated with this account.

You can always reset your forgotten/expired email password by using this link Once you click on the "Reset My Email Passphrase" link, you will need to enter your email alias, SID, & PIN.  Note: This password is case sensitive and is valid for 180 days.

Our office hour is Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. For computer lab schedule, please visit Please contact us for IT related support:

1.      Email:
2.      Web: (Intranet only)
3.      Phone: (206) 934-5844
4.      Walk-In, only if you cannot access any of the contact methods above.

Thank you and have a great fall quarter 2014!

South IT Services