Greetings and welcome to Spring Quarter 2015

During the break our team worked to get all classrooms and labs updated for spring quarter. This spring, two classrooms—OLY 203 and TEC 118, were replaced with new high-performance computers. We also installed new software and updates on the servers required by instruction.

In addition, IT Services partnered with Media services and upgraded RAH 221 with new equipment.  Also, another 6 classrooms in Rainier Hall are scheduled for equipment installation during spring quarter (all work to be done at non instructional hours).

We receive a request for Google Chrome to be installed on all computers in classrooms and labs. Due to concern about data privacy, at this time, we are still doing study and research on how Chrome behaves and how safe Chrome is if we were to put it on our entire systems. Until then, we have two browsers that are fully supported—Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Please continue to keep clean, healthy environments in the classrooms/labs. Learn about the rules and guidelines of keeping clean, healthy classroom/labs.

As always, for the first two weeks of the quarter, a temporary account: 
Student/Student is enabled, to accommodate students, who need extra time to resolve registration and funding issues, so that they can use computers in classrooms or labs, except the Library Open LabThere is no printing associated with this account.

For help with changing password, please visit these pages:
·      Network account
·      Email account

IT Services office hour is Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. See the Computer Lab Schedule.

You can contact us:

1.      Email:
2.      Web: (Intranet only)
3.      Phone: (206) 934-5844
4.      Walk-In, only if you cannot access any of the contact methods above.