Greetings and welcome to winter quarter 2014!

Happy New Year 2014 to you! During this winter break, we have refreshed five of our student-facing computer classrooms/labs—Math lab (LIB215), Writing lab (LIB205), TEC133A, TEC133C, and Aviation lab (AMT201), to the latest high-performing computer hardware technology. At the same time, we are half-way done with our Registration rewiring project, and we are progressing well with other projects.

This winter Adobe Professional XI is available on all computers in classrooms/labs. Adobe Professional XI is also available at no cost for employees, while Adobe Suite is available at low cost for employees upon request. We have worked with Adobe and authorized software resellers to bring back ‘the work at home’ rights at low cost on Adobe products for employees. Employees who want Adobe and Microsoft Office 2013 for work at home may order it from our e-academy web store at

This winter we will wrap up our second batch of the employee computer upgrades; we will start a third batch again during the 2014 fiscal year. Our goal is to replace all OptiPlex 745 and OptiPlex 755 models.

We continue to bring faculty offices with Microsoft Office 2013 and continue to accommodate the Microsoft Office 2013 request from employees who are interested, case by case before we roll it out to the campus. Please keep sending your request to our helpdesk at

We continue research and study on new Wi-Fi technologies offered by different vendors. We hope to bring a more robust Wi-Fi solution in order to support the growing needs of mobility and BYOD on campus. So, stay tuned…

We are here to help, from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 pm, Monday through Friday. You can contact us:
1.      Email:
2.      Web: (Intranet only)
3.      Phone: (206) 934-5844
4.      Walk-In, only if you cannot access any of the contact methods above.

If you are a Staff/Faulty/Student Worker and forget your email password and need to reset it, please logon to  Once you click on the "Reset My Email Passphrase" link, you will need to enter your email alias, SID, & PIN.  Note: This password is case sensitive and is valid for 180 days. If you a Student and have forgotten your email password, you need to see the people in Distance Learning to help you.

As always, for the first two weeks, a temporary generic account: Student/Student is enabled to accommodate students, who need extra time to resolve registration and funding issues, so that they can use computers in classrooms or labs, except the Library Open Lab.  There is no printing associated with this account.

Thank you and have a great winter quarter 2014!

South IT Services Team