Huy Dao Trong

What is your major?

Currently, my major is Business Administration, and later on, when I apply to the university, I will study the International Business as my career.

What country are you from?


What is your favorite thing about South Seattle College and why?

My favorite thing about South Seattle College is about instructor and quality. First of all, whole instructors that I have been studying have a passion of teaching and various life experiences, which I have learnt a lots from them. Secondly, the quality in South Seattle College is also my favorite when studying in here. It has a basketball court, which I play usually, Fitness Center, and so forth.

Where is your favorite place in Seattle and why?

My favorite place in Seattle perhaps is Kerry Park because from there, I can see all the city, especially at night, when the light of city comes up and reflects a beautiful and attractive itself.

What difficulties have you had to overcome while studying at South Seattle College?

My difficulties I have had to overcome while studying at South Seattle College are language and be on time. Language is always obstacle for International Student; therefore, sometimes, I’m not quite understand clearly what my teacher taught. Arriving on time is also my concern because even though I manage my time to go to school, I always get late.

What advice can you give to future students?

If you want to “survive” in College, you should do homework regularly and do not let all the classes’ homework assemble in one day, otherwise, you will get a big trouble.

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