Student Testimonials

Forest Xia

Computer Science Major from China

I studied for two years at South Seattle and received an AA degree and High School diploma at the same time.I transferred to UC Berkeley to continue my study in Computer Science.My experience at South Seattle helped me to prepare for the academic rigors here and student life in the US.I highly recommend that international students begin their study at a community college such as South Seattle to save time and money and depending on your qualifications, you can go anywhere.

Jacqueline Zhang

Business Major from China

Studying in South Seattle College has been one of the most amazing experiences even since I came to US. And International Program has been one of the most helpful and supportive departments for me as an International student. They offered all kinds of fun activities and events to help me get involved in college life and meet new people from all kinds of different backgrounds. It makes me feel warm and welcomed. It is a school worth me staying two years because it gave me all possibilities and opportunities.

Elva Sungkarto

Business Major from Indonesia

The advisors are great here!They give me lots of support and information about transferring to New York University, Cornell University and University of Washington as my top destinations after I finish here.I now understand transferring to a university is very easy.The academic support services such as Writing Center is helping me a lot with writing essays and I happy to say that I am getting top scores from all my classes.My education here at South Seattle is preparing me for my future goal in hospitality industry.

Paulina Rodriguez

Intensive English Program from Mexico

I really love studying English at South Seattle.The teachers are great and classroom activities and lessons allowed me to practice and learn English with friends from many different countries.

Yuya Aoyagi

Aviation Major from Japan

My time as a student at SSC really shaped not only the academic knowledge, but also the discipline and my personal character to go through any of the challenges I have faced until now and future challenges I may still face.

Zahra Zargar

Hospitality Management Major from Iran

I love that the program provides a theoretical basis for everything you learn on the job. It’s great to understand the theory behind a subject so you know why you’re doing what you’re doing. It all helps in learning how to be a good manager.

Michal Marek

Business Major from Czech Republic

How South helped:South gave me the opportunity to expand my education and my hotel experience outside my country. During my time at South Seattle College I was an active student leader, serving on the S & A Fee Committee and International Club.

Liliane Kamikazi

Business Major from Rwanda

South helped me, first to improve my English because when I came to South I didn’t speak English well. I learned how to get involved in the community. During my time at South I won the 2010 President’s Award. Also, worked as an Ambassador in the United Student Association for International Programs. I had an opportunity to do volunteer activities with other students and it was a rewarding experience.