High School Conversion Program

South Seattle College offers a High School Conversion Program to qualified international students. Students enrolled in this program can earn a Washington State high school diploma and an Associate Degree at the same time.

Requirements for Admission:

  • Students must be at least 16 years old by the start of the first quarter of enrollment
  • Students who have already received a high school diploma or equivalent in their home country or in the U.S. are not eligible
  • Students must have completed the equivalent of the U.S. 10th grade with the minimum GPA of a B average
  • Students must be mature, motivated and prepared to succeed academically

Requirements for Graduation:

  • Complete an Associate of Art, Associate of Business, or Associate of Science degree
  • Complete HIST& 214 Pacific Northwest History – minimum grade of 2.0
  • Complete either POLS& 202 American Government or HIST& 146 U.S. History I - minimum grade of 2.0
  • Submit a culminating research project from ENGL& 102 - minimum grade of 2.0
  • Complete a High School and Beyond Plan which includes a resume, a cover letter and a personal statement
  • Take one of the approved standardized tests and meet the minimum scores required:
    • SAT:
      • Math: 470
      • Reading: 350
      • Writing: 380
    • ACT:
      • Algebra 1/ Integrated Math 1: 16
      • Geometry/ Integrated Math 2: 17
      • Reading: 13
      • Writing (students must take the "ACT Plus Writing"):15
  • Meet the Science requirement* by:
    • Either passing one of the following AP tests with a score of 3 or higher: Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Environmental Science, OR
    • passing the Science section of the ACT test with a score of 16 or higher

*The Science requirement is effective for students graduating in Spring 2015 and beyond.

For more information on standardized tests, please visit: SAT and AP exams: www.collegeboard.com; ACT: www.actstudent.org

Note: Students who are 21 do not need to complete the special requirements of the High School Conversion program and can apply for the high school diploma once they complete their Associate degree.

The ACT exam option was recently approved as an alternative method of meeting the Science requirement. The ACT is offered in Seattle Central's Testing Center once a month. Registration for the ACT is centralized through the ACT website, which provides further information on test centers, testing fees and testing dates: http://www.actstudent.org/regist/

The following web links may be helpful in preparing to pass the ACT Science test:

ACT official website:

Science test description: http://www.actstudent.org/testprep/descriptions/scidescript.html

Sample test questions: http://www.actstudent.org/sampletest/science/sci_01.html

External sites:

7 ACT Science Test strategies: https://benchprep.com/blog/act-science-7-test-prep-strategies/

Youtube video courses to help prepare to pass the test (total 8 video clips) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef7rXEwHDFk

Test prep, practice tests, all kinds of guidance to prep for SAT Science: https://www.sophia.org/preparing-for-college/act-test-preparation/science

Additional sample tests: http://www.varsitytutors.com/act_science-practice-tests ; http://www.mhpracticeplus.com/act.php;

ACT Study Guide: