Conversation Partner Program


The Conversation Partner Program (CPP) is designed for students, faculty, staff,

and community members at South Seattle College who are interested in language exchange, other cultures, and making new friends!

What are Conversation Partners?

  • Groups of 3-5 people who exchange cultures and practice other languages with each other
  • People with similar interests, who can help each other improve their language skills
  • A great way to learn about many other cultures and make new friends

What are Conversation Partners not?

  • This is not a tutoring service
    Conversation Partners are welcome to work in study groups. Remember that cheating is not tolerated at South Seattle College and cheating on homework can cause you to fail the course

What should I do with my Conversation Partners?

You can do various activities!  Get coffee, meet up a Bernie's on campus, go skiing, explore Seattle, hike Discovery Park, play board games, practice your language skills, and participate in other Center for International Education Activities and Events.

How often should I get together with my Conversation Partner? 

This should be decided upon mutually by everyone in the group. Some groups will see each other once per week and some groups my only see each other once per month. It is up to you and your group as to how much you want to get out of the program. We recommend meeting as a group at least twice per month in order to get the most of the your time with the Conversation Partners Program!

  1. Check your email regularly and utilize it to stay in contact with the Conversation Program Coordinator as well as your conversation group.
  2. Conversation Partners is NOT a dating services, mentor program, or tutoring service.
  3. Respect each member's culture, religion, and gender.
  4. Learn about other cultures through conversation.
  5. Meeting with your group at least twice per month.
  6. Schedule a time suitable for all group members.
  7. Respect each others time. If you cannot meet with your partners at the set time, please notify them at least one day in advance.

If you are interested in learning more about the Conversation Partner Program, please contact

Sign up for the Conversation Partner Program happens during the first two weeks of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Come into The Center for International Education to sign up.

Helpful Materials:

Sample Questions listed by week (PDF)

Conversation Partners Participation Form (PDF)