Commission and Responsibilities

Our partners who have signed a contract to represent South Seattle College are entitled to receive 15% of tuition and fees for all student referrals, up to three academic quarters providing that the agency has assisted the student with correct information on our academic offerings. The agency is also responsible for the following:

  • Process application for admission
  • Process all documents for visa interview
  • Arrange flight to Seattle from home country
  • Arrange accommodation through one of our homestay companies
  • Provide pre-departure orientation
  • Arrange any tuition payment if agreed upon with the student

Marketing Materials
If you are in need of any of our marketing materials, please contact us at

Request for Seminar or Office Visit
We would be happy to support your marketing efforts with seminars and visits to your partner schools or organization whenever our staff is traveling in your region. We will make every effort to accommodation this request. Please send your marketing proposal to the Director of International Marketing at

Letter of Support
If you are planning to visit South Seattle College and need an invitation letter for visa application, please email the Director of International Marketing at

The Newsletter is sent to our partners on a quarterly basis. Every quarter we provide important updates and marketing information that will help you assist your students choosing South Seattle as potential destination.



For additional program specific marketing events, please contact:
Gene Baker
Director, International Marketing & Outreach