South Seattle College's Center for International Education provides many activities and events for students to get involved in the Seattle community. Students can find more information here for upcoming events and sign up below.

We also offer the Conversation Partner Program each Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters. Learn more about the program here.

Check back often for updated information about upcoming events and don't forget to check out our Google calendar of events!


 Conversation Partners Program

By joining the conversation partner program, you have the opportunity to make friends with whom you can practice language and listening skills, learn about other cultures, share your own culture, and have fun doing it! The Conversation Group Program will be run through the website Meetup. There is no cut off date to join.

If you would like to join please follow the link below and create an account or link it with your Facebook


*If you have any questions please contact or stop by the CIE office to talk to someone on the activities team!


 Seattle Underground Tour

Did you know hat part of Seattle has an underground city? During the Underground Tour in historic Pioneer Square you will learn all about the Great Seattle Fire which destroyed 31 blocks and forced the city to rebuild. However, instead of fixing existing building they built new ones on top of them. The tour will take you around the buildings and passageways that live underneath the streets of Seattle!
Be sure to sign up for this event early! There will be a small $5 fee to attend this event. Please get vouchers at the CIE office and pay the Cashier.

Friday, October 10th | 4:00 PM
Meet at the
main entrance of campus in front of the #125 bus stop at 4:00 PM

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 Bobs Corn and Pumpkin Farm!
Get into the fall spirit by coming with us to Bob's Corn and Pumpkin Farm! Jump on a hayride which takes you to Bob's huge pumpkin patch. We will be winding our way through a tricky corn maze in the dark with only flashlights to guide us and ending up at our own private fire pit to create s'mores over a fire. (s'mores are roasted marshmallows, chocolate, in between graham crackers to create the best sandwich ever)
There will be a small $10 fee to attend this event. Please get vouchers at the CIE office and pay the Cashier.

Friday, October 17th l 4:00 PM

Meet at the CIE office at 4:00 PM. We will be leaving EXACTLY at 4:30 PM 

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Pumpkin Carving

Have you seen all those pumpkins at grocery stores and pumpkin patches and wondering what to do with them? Have you decorated your apartment or house yet for Halloween? Come to our Pumpkin Carving event on Thursday, October 23rd! We will provide pumpkins for a team pumpkin carving contest. If you want to carve your own pumpkin then bring one along with you. There will be a special prize for the winning team or person! This is free event and is located on campus in the Cascade building

Thursday, October 23rd l 4:15 PM

Meet at the Cascade Building RM 110