Welcome! If you are among South’s 40,000 plus alumni, you have come to the right page. It does not matter whether you earned your alum honor recently or in the past, we still want you to use this page to catch up with the college, fellow alum, and be sure to tell us what you are up to, after all if you have learned with us, you are one of us!

Spread the news of the amazing things alumni are doing by nominating someone you know for South’s Outstanding Alumni Award.

Transfer your credits

It's no secret that the more you learn, the more you earn. So if you're looking to improve your employability and earning potential, a four-year degree may be right for you. If Hospitality Management is your education path, you can earn a four-degree now at SOUTH! Earn your Bachelor's of Applied Science - Hospitality Management (BAS) degree at SOUTH.

In other areas, SOUTH credits transfer to several hundred bachelor's degree-granting institutions, such as UW, Seattle University, Washington State University, Whitworth College and more. To learn more, visit the Transfer Center web pages, SOUTH's official credit transfer site. No matter where you're headed, your experience at SOUTH can help you get there.

Contribute to South’s Growth

If being a graduate of South has impacted your life, please consider contributing to the growth of South Seattle College. Your gift will give current students the opportunity to learn no matter what financial barriers they face. Giving to South is easy using our secured donation page.


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