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Students who officially withdraw or simply stop attending their classes on or after the first day of the quarter and students who complete zero credits* may owe a repayment of all or a portion of the financial aid funds they received for the quarter. This policy does not apply to work study earnings.

*For financial aid purposes, (W) Withdrawal, (N) Audit, (I) Incomplete, (0) credit earned, and/or (NC) No-Credit grades do not count toward completed credits.


Financial aid recipients, who withdraw from school or stop attending classes, may be required to repay all or part of the financial aid used to pay tuition & fees as well as any other funds they may have received in the form of a refund (through a HigherOne card).  Students who attend more than 60 percent of the quarter are considered to have earned 100 percent of the federal or state aid received.  This process is referred to as the Return of Title IV Funds policy.  Check here for State Need Grant (SNG) Repayment policies.

You should be aware that dropping or withdrawing from a class may damage your academic standing and affect your ability to receive financial aid in the future. Please check with the Advising and Financial Aid offices if you intend to drop a class.