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The Financial Aid Office is now partnered with QLess, a partnership that will allow us to serve you better by giving everyone that comes into our office a one on one appointment in a secure environment to get their Financial Aid questions answered.

Schedule an Appointment

What is QLess?

QLess is a software that allows you to secure a place in our virtual line.  You’ll get text messages that tell you your expected wait time, regular updates, a message telling you when it’s time to return to the Financial Aid Office, and when it’s your turn!  Get your place in line and then go about your day; no need to stay in the office when your phone alerts you of your wait time!

You can join the walk in line immediately and be seen as soon as possible, or choose a FlexAppointment and instead pick the time you want for your appointment.

Why QLess Instead of a Front Desk?

The Financial Aid Office has made the change to a virtual line rather than a walk in front desk, because Financial Aid information is sensitive, and should not be shared in a lobby setting.  Our new format will give you a sit down appointment with a financial aid professional, giving you dedicated time to get your questions answered in a secure setting.

How to Use QLess

To use QLess, we recommend that you click on the link above that says “Schedule and Appointment” or use the Kiosk in the Financial Aid Office.  You’ll be instructed to either join our walk in line immediately or schedule an appointment that best fits your schedule.  Once you’re in the virtual line, you’ll receive text messages updating you on your place in the line.  There’s no need to wait to be called in the Financial Aid Office; go about your day, and we’ll send you a text message when it’s time for you to starting making your way back to the Financial Aid Office, and when it’s your turn.  If you don’t have a cell phone, or don’t want to receive text messages, you must wait in the Financial Aid Office Student Waiting Area for your name to be called. 

While QLess does ask for a Student ID Number, if you don’t have one, you can leave this item blank and still move forward and schedule with the office.

But I Just Have a Quick Question

All students must use the QLess system, even for quick questions—we require this so we can best serve all students.  However, if you’re just dropping off a completed form, you don’t need to wait in line, just put the form in the black mailbox on our front desk counter.

QLess Commands You Can Use

Here are some commands you can use in QLess. 
After you receive your confirmation message saying you are in the line:


What It Does

H Get a menu of options you can use on QLess


Gives your estimated remaining time until you reach the front of the line

M10, M20, M30, etc

Pushes you back in the line the number of minutes listed after the “M”, if you’re running late or just need more time


Leave the line, if you no longer want to be seen today.


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