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Ausha White

This dedicated student took her finals while in labor.

June 11, 2013

If you ask any mother, there is nothing more painful than giving birth. But, those same mothers would tell you that the joy their child has brought was worth every bit of it.

If you ask a student, there is nothing in school that is more stressful (and in some cases, painful), than a final, let alone two finals back-to-back.  But, if you ask those same students they would also tell you that there is not a better feeling than acing your finals.

While it might seem unimaginable, that was a reality for South student Ausha White.  White, who will be participating in Wednesday’s graduation ceremony, gave birth to her first child shortly after finishing two back to back finals. Twenty minutes after completing the second final her water broke, in the garage of the hospital.

"I’ve always been very determined to do what I need to do the best that I can." - Ausha White

She began to feel the contractions at 2 AM and the pain continued for most of the morning. Although she was experiencing the contractions, the doctors explained to her that they were not close enough together for her to be admitted into the hospital.

“Since I could’t go into the hospital, I figured I might as well get as much of my finals done as I could,” White continued. “I would get up and breathe as quietly as possible – I never yelled or screamed or anything. I went into the hallway a few times to walk it off (the pain). I had about another 10 minutes before another contraction, so I completed as many questions as I could.”

While most people might succumb to the pressure, White is not like most people.

“I’m not a procrastinator. I want things done when they are supposed to be done –or earlier,” White said. “That’s just part of my personality. I’ve always been very determined to do what I need to do the best that I can.”

South Instructor Marla Lockhart echoed those sentiments. She should know – both of White’s finals, one in Business Communications and the other in Accounting 120 – Lockhart taught White and administered both finals.

“I certainly was not going to force her to take a final while she was having her baby or if she just had her baby,” Lockhart explained. “She sets high expectations and she meets them. What amazing dedication!”

During her time at South, White appreciated the positive atmosphere and culture of South.

“It was more than just an education for me. I’ve grown into an adult,” White explained. “I recommend South to people all the time. It is a positive environment. There are all kinds of people, all ages from high school to old folks. The teachers work with you and you don’t have to always be perfect. It is probably the most inspiring place that I have ever been to.”

After graduation, White, who will be earning an AAS in accounting, plans on plunging into the job market with her skills from South.

“I’m really going to be looking for anything in accounting – from payroll to book keeping. Preferably, something with a smaller business or a service business.  I really want to be able to use what I have learned. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it,” White said. “Once I have applied my education to the real world, then I might think about furthering my education in accounting, possibly as a CPA.”

If you ask White, the pain she felt giving birth was well-worth the joy that her 15-month old daughter Zoë has brought her.

If you ask White, about the stress of having two back-to-back finals acing both of them was well worth it.

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