Diversity Matters.

The Diversity & Retention Department includes an Office of Diversity & Retention, President’s Committee on Diversity and Retention, a Cultural Center, Veterans Student Center, and the Women’s Center. Diversity & Retention is a network of departments working together to foster an inclusive campus community by providing education about diversity, social justice, gender equity, and multiculturalism. We advocate for the persistence and success of student, faculty and staff of color and underrepresented groups through academics, leadership opportunities, support services, programming and college-wide initiatives.

Meet the Diversity & Retention Staff

Ricardo Leyva-Puebla
Director - Office of Diversity & Retention

The Director is responsible for the Office of Diversity & Retention, which includes the Cultural Center and the Women's Center. The goals and responsibilities of the office are: to conduct outreach activities, provide campus-wide professional development, offer opportunities for multicultural curriculum transformation, assess campus-wide climate, provide educational opportunities for students, and provide academic success and support services.

Phone: (206) 934-6455
Office hours: M-Th, 8:30 am - 5 pm
Office: JMB 135

Ricardo Leyva-Puebla

John Eklof
Cultural Center Coordinator

The Cultural Center, located in JMB 146, is a community center/space for students, faculty, and staff to explore their own cultural identities as well as learn about other cultures in a safe, secure environment.

Phone: (206) 934-7950
Office hours:
M-T, 10am-430pm
W, 10am-330pm
Office: JMB 146

John Eklof

Sol Mendez
Women’s Center Coordinator

The Women’s Center (JMB 148) is dedicated to supporting the academic, personal, and professional success of women in the campus community by providing resource referrals, educational programs addressing women’s issues, and a friendly, supportive environment for individuals of all gender identities.

Phone: (206) 934-6831
Office: JMB 148

Sol Mendez

Andrea Olmedo-Amaya
Chicana/Hispanic/Latina Commissioner


John Eklof

Devan Rodgers
African American Commissioner


John Eklof

Una Kaihauholani
Pacific Islander Commissioner


John Eklof

Paige Wendt



Jerry Brockey Student Center
(RSB 158)


Monday - Thursday:
8:30 am to 5 pm

8:30 am to 1 pm