South Seattle College Alert: Opening is delayed two hours on Friday, Dec. 9, due to inclement weather. Campuses will open at 10 a.m.

Map of the Georgetown Campus

Georgetown Campus
Puget Sound Industrial Excellence Center
Apprenticeship & Education Center
6737 Corson Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108
Phone: (206) 934-5350

Building A
AJAC Office - A104, A112
Classrooms - A122, A123, A125
Computer Lab - A120
Safety Lab - A127 West
Weatherization Lab - A129 East

Building B
Boilermakers Office/Classroom/Lab - B122
Classrooms - B102, B104, B116, B117, B118, B119, B134
Composites Lab - B130
Construction Skills Lab - B126
First Aid Classes - B102
Flagging Classes - B102
Labor Center - B124/125/127
Manufacturing Industrial Council (MIC) - B113
Meatcutters Classroom / Lab - B123
Sprinkler Fitters Lab - B133
Sprinkler Fitters Office - B133(Upstairs)
Youth Build - B129
Building C - Gene J. Colin Ed. Bldg
Gene J Colin Education Hall
Administration Offices - C223
Classrooms - C207, 208, 212
Conference Room - C110, 111, 123
Multipurpose Room - C122
Offices Available for Lease - C200, 201, 202, 222
PSIEC Director - C223
Registration - C102

Building D - Trowel Trades
Bricklayers Office
Cement Masons Office
Classrooms / Labs
Tile Setters Office

Building E - DC5 Allied Trades
Finishing Trades Institute Northwest
Apprentice Offices