Is The College Closed?

If the weather seems questionable, there is a disaster or a power outage and you are concerned if the campus is closed and your classes have been cancelled, please follow the steps below.

Note that South is open and classes are running unless there is a message indicating that we are closed.

The target for posting a message is 5 am for day classes. Evening classes, conditions permitting, decision will be announced by 2pm, and Saturdays We will follow the same method for notification as we do during the week.

To find out if South campus is closed:

  1. Visit
    • Click on Seattle on the map
    • Either enter South Seattle College in the search box OR
      Select "Colleges and Universities" from the Organization Category list
    • Click on the college's name and look for a message in the first box
    • Take note of the message and confirm the "active dates" and time.
    • If there is no message, South is open and classes are running.
    • transmits messages to local television and radio stations.
    • You may sign up to receive alerts directly to your email address.
  2. Call the college main telephone at 206.934.5300 for recorded information.
  3. Website homepage –
  4. Official South Facebook and Twitter
  5. Sign up for Campus Alerts to receive a direct email or mobile text message.

Do not call Campus Security – they do NOT have closure information.

Delayed start: For example, if the college is opening at 10 am, only those classes that end at or before 10 are cancelled. Classes that begin at 7 or 8 am and run past 10 am will resume when the campus opens.

If there is a delayed start, the south and center gates may be closed due to ice. In that event, use the north lot entrance.

Each campus makes its own decision and announcement for closure and delayed start. For example, North may be closed while South remains open. Check each campus separately.

Remember – No news is good news. If nothing is posted or recorded, the college is OPEN.