Develops and reviews policies and guidelines related to program planning and coordination of curriculum, instruction and maintenance of academic standards. Advisory to the Vice President for Instruction.


Faculty representatives from academic/college transfer, professional/technical, library and counseling. 13 voting members. The Vice President for Instruction, with a dean from the professional/technical and academic/college transfer departments, serve as ex-officio members.


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The CIC has established the following deadlines for submission of Course Origination, Program Revision and Course Revision material. Please submit those materials in accordance with the dates listed below. We encourage you to submit your materials one quarter in advance of the deadlines listed below in order to minimize challenges posed by the course schedule publishing deadlines.

To implement the class by: Submit to CIC during:
Spring or Summer Fall
Fall Winter
Winter Spring

Program & Course Revision (Word)

Curriculum and Assessment Review (PDF)

Program & Course Origination (Word)

Other Documents