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2011 Year One Self-Evaluation Report

2009 Institutional Self Study

2005 Final Fifth Year Interim Report from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
(18 page PDF file)

Note: The recommendations listed at the beginning of this report are from the full, ten-year Accreditation Review conducted in 2000; this report notes the college response to those recommendations. The summary of findings from this interim, five-year review is found at the end of this report; the college received five commendations and no recommendations for improvement.

2002 Progress Report for Reaffirmation of Accreditation
(6 page PDF file)

2000 Institutional Self Study
(196 page PDF file available in the following sections)

Executive Summary   (pages i-vi)
Table of Contents   (pages vii-xi)
Acronyms   (pages xiii-xv)
Preface   (pages xvii-xxvii)

Standard I
Institutional Mission & Goals, Planning &  Effectiveness 
(pages 1-12)

Standard II
Educational Program & Its Effectiveness
(pages 13-110)

Standard III
Students and Student Services
(pages 111-134)

Standard IV
(pages 135-146)

Standard V
Library and Information Resources
(pages 147-154)

Standard VI
Governance and Administration
(pages 155-166)

Standard VII
(pages 167-180)

Standard VIII
Physical Resources
(pages 181-188)

Standard IX
Institutional Integrity
(pages 189-196)

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