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Get Trained For Your New "High Wage, High Growth" Career At South Seattle College

August 07, 2014

This training will focus on short-term trainings and funding sources at South Seattle College.

You will learn about current "High-Wage, High-Growth" careers and related trainings offered at South Seattle College.

We will focus on Medical Office Professions, Computing Technology, Nursing professions, Engineering Graphics and Design Technology, Aviation Maintenance and Aerospace Composites.

You will also learn about ways to access childcare and additional resources while you are in school.

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Date: August 07, 2014

Time: 5pm - 7pm

Location:  Rainier Beach Branch – Seattle Public Library, 9125 Rainier Ave. S.    -    Maps and Directions

Contact Name: Library Staff

Phone: 206-386-1906

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