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The 13th Year Promise Scholarship is making a difference in student success!

College Readiness -— 13th Year students are more prepared for college than their peers*

  • 40% of 13th Year Students participating Readiness Academy increased their placement on the COMPASS test by at least one course level.
  • 73% of 13th Year students state the Readiness Academy prepared them for college; 35% said their high school education has prepared them for college.
  • * Data are preliminary

College Success - 13th Year students succeed at higher rates than their peers

  • The fall-winter retention rate of the 13th Year Scholarship students was an impressive 90% compared to the 69% fall-winter retention rate for the general South student population.
  • 60% of 13th Year students returned for a second year compared to 50% of overall student population.
  • Note: The students in this population (2008 – 2010) did not participate in the Readiness Academy.

Serving the Underserved -— 13th Year reaches students traditionally underrepresented in college

38%     Black/African American 60%     First generation college students
35%     Asian American/Pacific Islander 50%     Work while attending school
12%     Hispanic/Latino Gender
14%     White 58%     Female
3%     Native American/American Indian 42%     Male

13th Year Is Cost Effective and Leverages Resources

A combination of financial aid and private philanthropic gifts, including support from the Boeing Company, Ed and Eva Gordon Fund for Opportunity, Johnson-Haefling Foundation, Lenore Hanauer Foundation and College Spark Foundation.

  • Annual average tuition cost per student — $1,000
  • Annual coordinator / program expenses — $60,000
  • Cost per high school — $100,000 annually or $2 million endowment

During 2011

13th Year Students vs. Overall South student population

  • College Level English Placement - 51% (13th Year) vs. 42% (college wide)
  • College Level Math Placement - 23% (13th Year) vs. 11% (college wide)