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Do you know where the book store is? Where do I apply for scholarships next year? Does cramming a hour before the test work in college? How do you manage time with homework, friends and work?

These are the questions that often run through a high school graduates' mind as they make the transition from high school to college. The answers to these questions are covered in a three-day summer camp called Bridge.

The annual orientation is a requirement for all incoming 13th Year Scholars and helps ease their anxious tension as they begin their higher educational journey. Topics include acclimating to the college campus, learning about college resources, and meeting key staff and faculty members. Typically held in early September, this program is just one source of the support the scholars receive to reach their educational goals.

Chief Sealth International High School graduate D’Jhna Abbot said it provided valuable information and motivation.

“I learned so much (during Bridge),” Abbot explained. “This just makes me even more excited about starting college. My main goal is starting college and getting my career together.”

At the conclusion of the three-day orientation, a graduation ceremony is held to celebrate the students’ completion and the start of the upcoming academic year. Immediately following the ceremony, students are provided with an opportunity to put their networking skills to the test at a mixer event with South Seattle College Foundation Board Members.

“During the networking event, the students are able to mix and mingle with some of the people who made this scholarship a reality and they really appreciate that,” 13th Year Promise Program Specialist Julius Moss said.  “This is one of those feel-good events for our students and now they will be ready for their first day of college.”