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13th Year Promise Scholarship

Incoming 13th Year Scholars prepare for their first year at South during the 13th Year Bridge Program


The purpose of the 13th Year Promise Scholarship is to increase access to higher education for our community’s students, particularly those from underrepresented groups (e.g. students of color, low-income students, and first-generation college students).


The 13th Year Promise Scholarship is based on research from the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges that demonstrates that a high school diploma and one year of college is the critical “Tipping Point” for a student to earn living wage jobs and/or continue his or her education. The 13th Year Scholarship began with the Cleveland High School class of 2008 and expanded to include Chief Sealth International High School with the class of 2011. In 2011, the Readiness Academy was implemented to further increase student success by supporting students in their transition from high school to college. The 13th Year Scholarship has been available to Rainier Beach High School since 2014!

Access to Higher Education - 13th Year increases students that attend college

  • Since the program began in 2008, approximately 500 graduates from Seattle Public Schools have enrolled at South with the 13th Year Scholarship
  • Approximately 65% of seniors from Chief Sealth and Cleveland High Schools apply for the 13th Year Promise Scholarship each year
  • 50% of students said that they would not have attended college if not for the 13th Year Scholarship

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For more information contact:

Elizabeth A. Pluhta, CFRE
Associate Vice President of College Relations & Advancement

Molly Chrisman, M.Ed.
Program Specialist - 13th Year Promise Scholarship